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Customer Service: A Missed Opportunity

Anyone living here, expats or locals alike, who has spent any length of time in a developed market like the US most likely shares in this fundamental perception; customer service in the UAE has a long way to go. Whether you are at the local typing center or at the mall, the hard working folks on the other side of the counter (bless their hearts) just do not get it.

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Update on GlassQUBE Building Construction

We have had a tremendous level of interest from regional entities as well as European and US businesses seeking to setup operations in the UAE. This has been an extremely gratifying reinforcement of what we are trying to deliver to the market. To everyone who has been inquiring, please be patient as we continue to move towards commercial operations in Q1 2016.

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Results From Our Abu Dhabi Office Market Review

GlassQUBE strives to bring innovative solutions to SMEs in Abu Dhabi and the greater United Arab Emirates. Not only will we be Abu Dhabi's 1st Coworking Business Center, but GlassQUBE will also offer the most comprehensive level of business support services available in any business center in Abu Dhabi.

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