GlassQube Coworking was Featured on The National!

Hala Khalaf from The National wrote a great article about co-working spaces and how they are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE. GlassQube Coworking along with our CEO and co-founder Bernard Lee were also mentioned! Bernard Lee shared his thoughts and talked about his personal experience with co-working spaces in the UAE and how important it is to have a space where people can build professional networks and personal relationships.

Here is an excerpt of the article:

“Co-founded by Bernard Lee, GlassQube on Reem Island is a leading player on the capital’s co-working scene. Unlike asset-light models like WitWork and Letswork, which partner with existing locations in a membership scheme that allows professionals to pick where they want to work, and in return receive free Wi-Fi and coffee, GlassQube is a purpose-built space with a floor-plan designed for the sole purpose of creating a successful co-working environment. It has proven so popular that a second location is opening on the Corniche in August, and a third one is planned on the island, due to open by the end of next year.

“What your objective is should drive the design of the space. You can’t reverse- engineer,” says Lee. “Taking a pre-existing space and knocking down some walls to create a co-working space doesn’t work, because it’s an afterthought. You’re missing that tangible experience of what it means to be in a co-working space where a community exists for your members to build their professional networks and personal relationships, and grow their businesses,” he says.”

You can find the link to the full article here.