GlassQube Coworking in The National

Our Co-Founders were recently interviewed in The National, one of the UAE's largest newspapers by readership. The article discusses the origin of GlassQube Coworking, our relatively short history and our philosophy.

Gillian Duncan does a great job at hitting the key notes of what we do and why we do it within the context of the operating environment for entrepreneurs and SMEs in the UAE. Thanks for the great piece, Gillian.

Here is a short excerpt, the entire article can be read here.

Bernard Lee has used many business centres throughout his career. So he feels he can say with some certainty that Abu Dhabi is in need of something different.

"I was just shocked in the gap in the market," says Mr Lee, 42, who is from Toronto but has lived in the US for almost a decade working for Deutsche Bank in New York. "What’s missing in my opinion here is there is no, at least in Abu Dhabi, business centres that are actively managed in terms of community."

He aims to change that by launching a network of coworking spaces in the capital.

Defined as an office used by people who are either self-employed or working for different employers, coworking brings them together in a way which is designed to help share ideas.

Mr Lee, who moved to Abu Dhabi in 2012, and Emirati business partner Fahad Al Ahbabi came up with the idea after initially working together doing corporate restructuring for the government.

"[Fahad] came up with the idea to form a real estate fund business, a family office focused on real estate and real estate services. Through that process, through lots of different iterations, GlassQube was born," says Mr Lee, who is chief executive of the company.