Find Out Why Google Came to Abu Dhabi...

As many of you know, GlassQube Coworking is much more than just a simple coworking space, or typical business center and we offer much more than conventional office spaces, serviced offices or business centers in Abu Dhabi or the broader UAE do.

In addition to providing coworking, business center, serviced office or office space rentals, GlassQube Coworking is a central hub for the entrepreneurial community where small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs can come to learn, exchange ideas, network and be part of our dynamic, growing entrepreneurial community. As part of our effort to build and support this community, GlassQube Coworking has hosted over 15 curated events which have included guest speakers from Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Uber, Google for Entrepreneurs (GFE), Du, New York University, Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) and many other stakeholders across the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. All of these events have been 100% FREE!

No other coworking space, business center, or serviced office space in the UAE has ever done this.

This is testament to our commitment to playing a continued role in building this entrepreneurial ecosystem over the long term and driving sustained economic diversification in the UAE.

In case you missed it, our latest installment of the GlassQube SME & Entrepreneur Knowledge Exchange took place on Jan 30th, 2017 and was hosted by the Senior Google MENA team. Adam Kwasniewski, Munya Hatem, Richa Suri and Salim Abid came by to share their insights on digital marketing and advertising strategy in the UAE.

We had over 200 people come through the door to listen to the Google team discuss best practices for digital advertising and marketing in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. It was highly informative and topical given the accelerated commercial trends in the digital space. The feedback has been exceptional and we look forward to having Google come back to GlassQube and continue to help us grow the ecosystem in Abu Dhabi.

During the event we also announced a new partnership with the French Business Group of Abu Dhabi. GlassQube and the FBG will create an extension of the GlassQube Knowledge Exchange platform specifically for FBG members and the affiliated business community in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Again, this is another illustration of why GlassQube is much more than a simple coworking space, business center or serviced office space. GlassQube Coworking is a stakeholder, a curator and facilitator of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. We are in this alongside all of the other entrepreneurs in the UAE and we have a vested interest in seeing this community grow, succeed and excel.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Your success is our success.

Before we sign off, we wish to thank OVN DXB out of Dubai for volunteering their time and services as they recorded and live streamed the event on the GlassQube Facebook page. Another amazing production from Monsieur Bogdan and crew. Thanks Bogdan and OVN DXB!!!

FYI – Wamda Capital will be at GlasQube on Feb 22nd to discuss VC fundraising in the UAE. If you are a startup or entrepreneur seeking to raise capital then this event is a must. Click here for more details. See you then!!!

GlassQUBE Team