Exciting GQC Updates!

It is great to see everyone in “back to school mode” after a much deserved summer break. The GlassQube Coworking team has been very busy with the recent launch of our Silver Tower, Corniche branch which opened back in mid-July 2019, along with our new projects for Abu Dhabi and Dubai which will be announced in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t seen the Silver Tower location, you should drop in a have a tour. It’s a beautiful, intimate space with an amazing view of the ocean and the Corniche boardwalk. And after only 10 weeks of operations, the location is already 50% occupied! We believe that this is a testament to the strength of our brand in the UAE market and our unwavering commitment to provide UAE businesses and startups with beautifully designed, affordable, flexible workspace coupled with our vest efforts in customer service and community engagement. We wish to thank you all for your continued support and belief in our mission to support the local ecosystem and help diversify the UAE economy.

And please stay tuned as we will be announcing our 1st Dubai project in the coming weeks. It will be a 30,000 square foot space in an incredible building supported with amazing, unparalleled amenities including a huge selection of restaurants, bars, and entertainment. We are confident that it will become the premier destination workspace in Dubai.

Also on the radar, our next Abu Dhabi project; GQC Shining Tower will launch in Feb 2020 with 20,000 square feet of beautifully designed space in the heart of the city, plus a 3,000 square foot outdoor terrace with an outdoor kitchen, workspaces and lounges. More details coming soon.

We look forward to updating you soon. Have a great year!


The GQC Team