Update: GlassQUBE Coworking Beta Opening February 2016

Greetings and Happy Holidays from The GlassQUBE Team,

Back in the spring of 2015, we announced the construction commencement of our GlassQUBE Coworking Flagship Building at the corner of Nadja Street and Defense Road in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The Flagship Building is a fully bespoke 100,000 square foot (10,000sqm) coworking and private office workspace ecosystem. The entire building is designed with a contemporary aesthetic and an objective of enabling an entrepreneurial ecosystem that facilitates collaboration and networking among Members. It will be a stunning coworking facility that will fundamentally change the way people think about workspace solutions in the UAE. That project is targeted to come online in Q4 2016.

Since this announcement, we have received an overwhelming level of Membership inquiries along with general support from the market. Clearly, the SME and Freelancing community in Abu Dhabi has been under-served and is demanding an alternative to the overpriced, under serviced and poorly designed status quo.

Therefore, GlassQUBE Coworking has decided to immediately begin the process of opening a 3,000 square meter Beta location in February 2016 while the construction of the Flagship project continues. Our original intention was to open a small, temporary “Beta” location which would placate the latent demand while also acting as an MVP (minimal viable product) from which we could learn and adjust our operations. However, since we continue to experience intense interest in our projects, we have decided to position the Beta space as a permanent but smaller additional location to compliment the much larger GlassQUBE Flagship Building.  

We are not disclosing the address at this time but can tell you that it is a stunning, modern space in a prime city location with UNLIMITED PARKING, direct access to a huge selection of international food and beverage providers PLUS a major grocery chain on-site.  

Upon opening both the Beta site and the Flagship Building, GlassQUBE Coworking will become the single largest flexible workspace provider in Abu Dhabi when measured by the number of available workstations.

This is an important metric for our Members because it means that our Membership community will ultimately represent the largest single network of entrepreneurs, SMEs and freelancers in Abu Dhabi and possibly the UAE. One of our objectives is to harness this scale and create a “living, breathing” ecosystem that inspires collaboration, innovation and growth of your business. GlassQUBE Coworking will actively manage the Member community and cultivate this interactive ecosystem providing you with a growth platform that is unprecedented in the UAE.  

IN another development, we are extremely excited to announce that we will able to directly manage your trade license and visa sponsorship requirements through our in-house, turnkey Trade License Concierge (TLC). The TLC service is an on-site one-stop shop with a dedicated Concierge that will manage the entire process for interested Members. TLC will provide direct sponsorship for Mainland trade license requiring a National shareholder or can also facilitate 100% foreign owned licenses. Visa sponsorship and processing is included in both trade license categories. TLC can deliver a trade license and visa in as little as 3 working days for Members from certain OECD countries. We will write more about this in an upcoming announcement.

As a parting message to all of Abu Dhabi’s entrepreneurs, SMEs and freelancers;

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s something better out there than your white gypsum walled, blue or grey carpeted office with no parking and sub-standard service…the answer is coming in February 2016.