GlassQUBE Continues to Target 2016 Opening !!!

Greetings from The GlassQUBE Team. Our Co-founders took a well deserved LONG summer break, hence the downtime on social media and our blog. However, we are well rested and more excited than ever to bring you Abu Dhabi's first coworking business center.

Our construction timeline and Q4 2016 commercial operation date remains unchanged. We will keep you updated with our progress and plan to start providing some pictures of the project site for those who continue to follow our progress, which appears to be many.

We are thrilled and sincerely appreciate all of the support we have received for the GlassQUBE Coworking project in Abu Dhabi over the past months. The number of membership inquiries we have received to date is simply overwhelming. Clearly, SMEs operating or planning to operate out of Abu Dhabi are not satisfied with the current office supply and this segment of the market is looking to GlassQUBE Coworking to fill a specific need. Well here is the good news, the GlassQUBE Coworking team is on track to deliver a world class coworking space that is on the leading edge of technology, design and functionality. Simply put, we are bringing you the best in class business center in the UAE so your business can operate within an ecosystem that actively supports your growth and success within a modern, aesthetically unprecedented working space. Oh...and we forgot to mention that we will provide all of this while being one of the most competitively priced coworking business centers in Abu Dhabi and the greater United Arab Emirates (UAE).

And SMEs are not the only ones reaching out to us. Some of the world's leading technology companies, new economy service providers and academic institutions have been making inquiries for their Abu Dhabi operations. In fact, one of the most successful "sharing economy" technology "start-ups" in the world has made a pre-committment to occupy space in the GlassQUBE Coworking building upon completion making them our official first Member! We will make a formal public announcement on this at a later date.

Before we sign off on this long overdue update, we want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. Delivering a custom built, best in class business center from the ground up is not a small task nor is it a cheap one. However, the overwhelming enthusiasm surrounding our project has been a source of tremendous energy for the GlassQUBE Team and has fortified our resolve to deliver the coworking business center that you deserve.



The GlassQUBE Team was honored to serve as Mentors during the NYU Abu Dhabi / NYU Idea Lab 2015 Angel Hack on Sept 4th-5th. We will write about our experience in a followup post.