Our 1st Blog Entry!

Greetings from the GlassQUBE Team. We are thrilled to have the beta website up and even more excited about the pending construction commencement of what will be Abu Dhabi's 1st built-to-suit, fully dedicated co-working & business support ecosystem office building.

GlassQUBE believes that business centers, serviced offices and co-working space in the Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE in general should offer much more to SME tenants. The regional economy, aside from oil & gas, is driven by SMEs yet the options available to them to operate from do not reflect their significant economic contribution.

Therefore, GlassQUBE has decided to build the co-working office / incubator space that WE want and YOU deserve, from the ground up.

  • We want BIG OPEN LOUNGES where we can chill out and NETWORK!
  • We want HUGE KITCHENS where we can refuel and NETWORK!
  • We want the option of CO-WORKING space!
  • We want PRIVATE OFFICES that are affordable! THIS IS NOT NEW YORK CITY so please stop charging NYC rents!!!
  • We want a STYLISH space that nurtures creativity, not a sterile white box!
  • We want SECURE WIRELESS with commercial bandwidth. It's 2015 - stop skimping on the IT infrastructure!!!
  • And last but certainly not least...We want PRIVATE PARKING!!! 

This is a partial list of our grievances but we guarantee that the GlassQUBE building will address these market shortcomings and much, much more.

Abu Dhabi & Dubai, tell us what you are looking for in a co-working / serviced office facility ie. private office size, cost of rent, support services, types of amenities etc. Your input will directly drive the final product.

We will update the blog as frequently as possible but as the building is in construction phase, there is not a tremendous amount to report aside from permitting & licensing issues.

Thanks for checking in!