Customer Service: A Missed Opportunity

Anyone living here, expats or locals alike, who has spent any length of time in a developed market like the US most likely shares in this fundamental perception; customer service in the UAE has a long way to go. Whether you are at the local typing center or at the mall, the hard working folks on the other side of the counter (bless their hearts) just do not get it.

Here is a recent example to put things in perspective.

While I was back in the NY over the summer, the brain trust at my un-named Abu Dhabi based bank decided to cancel my credit cards without informing me. Only after my card was declined a few times and I called them was I informed of a fraud alert that "compelled" them to unilaterally cancel my card. They also told me that a replacement card could not be sent to me overseas. Wait, it gets better. Upon returning the Abu Dhabi in September, I immediately called my bank to request delivery of the replacement cards. It then took another 4 weeks to receive the cards as they got "lost in transit".

You would think that someone at the un-named bank would apologize and take ownership for the inconvenience they had caused me while overseas and while back in Abu Dhabi. Nope. My Account Representative simply tried to blame the courier and said that it was out of their control, aside from the fact that it was the bank who unilaterally cancelled my card in the first place.

This experience is but one small insight into the emotional violence one's spirit is subjected to when transacting on both a retail or commercial level in this market. And it ends in one of two ways; (a) you lower your expectations to near-zero and smile politely when your soup & sandwich combo takes 45 minutes to arrive at your table, or; (b) you jump off Sheikh Zayed Bridge. 

While Option B can often seem like the more appealing alternative, there is a third choice.

Raise the bar.

And that is exactly what GlassQUBE Coworking intends to do. We fundamentally reject the notion that you can't expect a coworking business center that is on par or superior to the best in class found in New York or London. As both the building developer and business center operator, GlassQUBE Coworking will deliver a facility and services that will set the bar for what all business centers should aspire to be, whether in Abu Dhabi or Manhattan.

We are excited with the prospect of this challenge and thrilled about bringing a world class coworking business center operation to Abu Dhabi. With your help in building a collaborative Member Community, we will strive to take Abu Dhabi's business center landscape and entrepreneurial movement to the next level.

We realize that these are lofty ambitions, but at least if we fail, we "fail up", it is still an improvement of where the market is today. And even in a worst case scenario, we promise that you will NEVER think about jumping of Sheikh Zayed Bridge if you become a GlassQUBE Coworking Member!!!

All The Best,

The GlassQUBE Coworking Team