GlassQube CEO's Top 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

As the chief executive of GlassQube Coworking, I have the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups across all sectors every day. GlassQube itself is a start-up and as its Co-Founder I have gone through the start-up gauntlet myself. My co-founder Fahad Al Ahbabi and I created the vision for GlassQube back in 2014 and launched our first location in September 2016. From ideation to execution to building and operating a commercially successful venture, we are well acquainted with the perilous start-up journey. Over the past few years we have made many mistakes, learned many tough lessons and made some interesting observations. We have distilled this experience down to our Top 5 list of tips for start-ups:

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Computer Coding for Children is An Essential Skill

I don’t want my offspring simply to be consumers of technology, I want them to understand the logic and language required to create, shape and control it. I view this as a foundational skill that will position them to understand better the digital interface of the world they are connected to and to ultimately be more competitive in the job market.

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